Door knobs are devices used to close doors.  Way back doors were just textiles and they were closed using different materials such as stones and metal objects. Doors vary from folding doors to swinging doors, from sliding to rolling doors. Door knobs are fixed mostly on swinging doors.


The most common door knob is the round shaped door knob. Although door knobs come in different sizes and are made of different materials. Most door knobs are made of brass due to its anti rust quality.  Some doorknobs have key holes while others just have a button like lock.


Just like other devices at home, a door knob can get broken.  Once it does, you can either call a repairman to do it, or if it is not any hassle to you, then you can do it yourself.


Here are the steps on how you can change a door knob.


The first thing you need to do is get a new door knob.  In getting new doorknob make sure that it will endure everyday house use.  Consider also where it will be installed.


After you have chosen the replacement doorknob in this video, it is now time to dismantle the broken doorknob. And how do you do that? At the side of the door, right beside the door knob, you need to unscrew the face plates.  There are usually two screws that keep the face plates in tact.  Remove the screws and expect the door handles to fall or become loose.


Once they are loose, you may proceed in removing the handles. Once the handles are removed, you will be able to see the pawl mechanism attached to the face plate.  Remove it by pushing it to the side where the screws were removed. To know more about door locks, visit


Do not forget to remove the strike plate, too.  You simply unscrew it to remove it.


By this time you should have removed all the parts of the old doorknob.  Now it's time to install the new door knob.


Install the face plates together with the new pawl mechanism first. Just as how you removed the old device, you need to screw in the new parts of the new door knob. After installing the face plates.  It is time to install the handles.  Once the handles are installed, you now have to install the strike plates.



After all these are done, you now have your new door knob in place.